Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Decorating ~ Quick and Easy Ideas

I love all the seasons and I like to decorate according to the season. Over time I have collected several accessories that reflect the different seasons. When spring arrives, I replace my Pansy arrangement with my sunflower floral arrangement.

Last year Carrie Jones, my daughter-in-law's sister, gave me this adorable ceramic bunny as a hostess gift for hosting Easter dinner. She knows I love to decorate when I entertain. I decided he would look cute in a bed of Baby's Breath. I layered the Baby's Breath in a clay saucer.

This year I purchased these natural looking bottle brush bunnies from Pottery Barn. They were on sale a couple weeks ago. I couldn't resist. I cut some of my Mugo Pine and placed it beside the bunnies to make them feel at home.

Maddie and Morgan, my granddaughters, are going to love them. They arrive in town this afternoon. I can't wait to see their smiling faces.

Maddie and Morgan are in store for a big surprise today, a mommy bunny decided to have her babies about 20 feet from our side door. She burrowed a small hole in the ground and covered the hole with fur.

When the fur is moved we can see three tiny bunnies. You can only see one bunny in this picture. The burrow has a very small opening.

Mommy bunny is very nervous because I was near her babies. Normally, a wild rabbit would never allow me to be near her. It is never a dull moment at our house.

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