Thursday, July 28, 2011

Need to freshen up a room?

Need to freshen up a room? Let me count the ways . . . You can paint the room a new color, add custom window treatments (please be sure to call us), change accessories or add new artwork. Artwork is the choice for this post.

This week I received an catalog from one of my artwork vendors and I wanted to share a few of their new designs.

I love this cute little bathtub scene. It reminds me of my two granddaughters in the tub. Adorable!

I like any type of art that looks like it was sketched by hand especially horses.

I know this is a little abstract, but I like it. I love the colors and the subtleness.

What a great look for a simple style kitchen. I think my daughter-in-law is going to use these in her new house over a long buffet.

How fun is this print for a media room, play room, child's room or any room you want to add a little fun.