Monday, April 6, 2009


Windows placed over or near garden tubs and whirlpool baths open the outdoor beauty and natural light to a bath. Being able to view the outdoors, while relaxing in a hot bath can be a very therapeutic and de-stressing experience. However these windows can create difficulty for functional window treatments when privacy is needed. How do you open and close the window treatments without climbing in or over the tub to operate the window treatment? The answer is motorization.

Almost all forms of window treatments can be motorized for function. Window treatments can be automatically raised, lowered, opened or closed by a hand held remote control or a wall switch. This is not as expensive as it may sound as long as some pre-planning takes place. If you are in the new construction or remodeling phase of a bathroom, pre-wiring for automation is simple and the least expensive during this process. If the bathroom is existing and no major remodeling is scheduled then the choice of window treatment and type of motorization is very important. Motorization for window treatments is available in many styles. Motorization can be hardwired (best for new construction), low voltage wired, or battery powered. Controllers for the motorized window treatments can be a hardwired wall switch, radio frequency (RF) wall switch, radio frequency (RF) hand held remote, or infrared (IR) hand held remote.

Windows and window treatments are a vital part of our homes d├ęcor. If you have a window treatment that is not functional due to obstruction and or location, consider a motorized window treatment. Begin enjoying the beauty of the outdoors with open window treatments and privacy when needed at the touch of a finger.