Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

I love the snow! The view is fabulous from the bay window in my breakfast room. New fallen snow gives the earth an enchanted and uncluttered look. I know Jerry disagrees with me about the snow because he doesn't like cold weather at all. He would rather be golfing.

In Nashville, we only had a couple of inches of snow. On the other hand, Casey and Owen in Huntsville received lots of snow. This is their second large snowfall this season. This is highly unusual for Huntsville, in fact, they rarely see snow. As you can see from this 10'6" ginormous snowman it took kids and several neighborhood adults to build this monster. The snowman took approximately three hours to build.

Look at those snowballs. This reminds me of the movie Elf when he created a huge amount of snowballs in a matter of seconds. I bet it took them a little longer than a few seconds. In the above photo they were getting ready for the neighborhood snowball fight.

What's the tallest snowman you have ever seen?


  1. The view is fabulous from the bay window in your breakfast room. In photo couple of inches of snow u looking a also cute. Nice post you share. Nice stuff about you and ur snow journy.

  2. I love snow season. Its really great to have fun outdoor during this days.