Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Draperies that break on the floor can add a relaxed feeling to a room.

I love the feeling you get when you break a drapery on the floor. There are many benefits to breaking draperies on the floor. One of the reasons I like to break draperies on the floor is that it gives a more relaxed feel to a space. Another benefit is when it comes time to clean; it is much easier to dress a drapery that slightly breaks on the floor as opposed to a drapery that puddles on the floor. Draperies that break on the floor also appear fuller since the bottom section of the drapery spreads out slightly.

A break can vary from 1/2" - 1 1/2" verses a puddle which can vary from 5" - 12". Years ago it was fashionable to puddle draperies on the floor, now most designers recommend draperies break instead of puddle.

There are certain circumstances when it might not be advisable to break a drapery on the floor; a breakfast room and maybe a bathroom. Many windows in breakfast rooms are close to the table and therefore, leaving the draperies at constant vulnerability. There are also times in a bathroom the window just screams for a drapery to cozy up the bathroom, however, since there is so much activity in this room and debris on the floor it might not be best choice to have a drapery break in this room.

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