Sunday, February 1, 2009

Woven Wood Blinds - Warm Up a Room

Woven Wood blinds from Hunter Douglas can be a great solution to help reduce heat from the sun. They also add a unique natural style that no other hard treatment can add. They add a natural feel to any room since they are made with natural wood products. You can use these shades as a standalone treatment or add them under drapery panels to achieve a fabulous look. It's one of my favorites. I used these shades in my breakfast room to add beauty and deflect some of the heat in the hot summer months. There are hundreds of choices available in style and color for these natural beauties. They can be installed as an inside or outside mount.

Woven woods can be a perfect choice for a study or an office when a more tailored or masculine look is desired. A blackout or a privacy liner can be added when glare on a flat screen TV or a computer monitor is a problem. When woven woods are used without a liner the result is a soft filtered view. Since I have a fantastic view from my very large bay window the soft filtered view was the perfect choice for the breakfast room.

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  1. Woven wood blinds are a fine alternative to vinyl blinds with the same efficiency.