Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Trip to Atlanta's Mart - Part 1 (Furniture)

Bettye Zettergren, our new designer, and I just returned from Atlanta's Merchandise Mart. Bettye and I spent two 10-hour days walking the floors of "Building 1" and a few floors of "Building 2." To give you a feel for the size of this Market, "Building 1" has 20 floors and each floor has 30 - 50 showrooms. The showrooms in Building 1 have accessories, linens, holiday and furniture. The other buildings had showrooms that included housewares, gourmet, gift and apparel.

We found so many great showrooms! We love visiting market to see what's new. I took photographs of a few interesting things we found in the showrooms. (Note: The showroom floodlights made it really difficult to capture a good shot.)

Oatmeal colored furniture was prominent in a lot of showrooms, as well as upholstered furniture with oatmeal linen fabrics. Using such a neutral colored piece of furniture allows you to paint your walls almost any color and leaves you with lots of options for window treatments. I love the natural texture that linen adds to a space. Linen can also evoke both the feeling of formal and, at the same time, a touch of casual.

The king headboard above was gorgeous with its oatmeal colored linen fabric. I think it was the tallest sleigh headboard I have ever seen. Bettye and I estimated the height at 7'.

The photograph isn't great but it shows more of the oatmeal colored furniture.

Would you like to make a drastic change in your dining room without the cost of purchasing all new furniture? Consider changing your two end chairs to one of these chairs covered in a custom fabric. Adding two totally different end chairs to a dining room table can change the whole feel of the room.

We found these outdoor rugs that are made to withstand the outdoor elements. They even had a display with a sprinkler pouring water over a rug continuously. The best part, in my opinion, was their reasonable prices. They were available in multiple solid colors as well as a braided style. They even poured red wine on the rug and it didn't stain the rug!


  1. Great Photos, I saw you getting into your car leaving the Sheraton!

    Sandra VanSickle
    Sew What's New
    Apex, NC

  2. I sure can relate to the sore feet, we have shopped for 4 days straight. By the time you get back to your room all you want to do is take a shower and go to bed, don't let the sheet touch your feet.

    The Classy Lady Boutique
    Dothan, AL

  3. Hi Sandra,

    Were you headed back to market?

  4. This is a very nice suggestion of a change in the dining room by changing the upholstery of the chair...will not be too expensive yet bring about change.

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