Monday, August 10, 2009

Do You Wear Rose Colored Glasses in Your House?

After 8 - 10 years every space needs a bit of a make-over to keep it fresh and update. If you haven't done anything to a room in over 10 years, take a look around the room and you will see what I mean. You will be surprised what you see when you take off your rose colored glasses.

The above photographs are of my living room. I had painted this room Roasted Pepper years ago and decided last year I was tired of this color for this room. I still love this color but decided I wanted to tone the contrast between the draperies and the wall. (The red color looks a little brighter than it really was. Camera flashes seem to play havoc with reds.) I didn't want to replace my Ruche top draperies; I still loved those. I began to look at paint colors and decided on Saddle Soap for the walls and Soft Suede for the trim from Porter Paints. Look at the difference a paint color can make. It makes me feel like I have a totally new room.

You might consider changing paint color in a couple of rooms. You will be amazed what that one thing can do for a room. Wall color invokes emotion in a room; sometimes it is a good feeling and sometimes it is a bad feeling. Many people make the mistake of deciding on a paint color without doing a test sample on the wall. I always insist on my clients purchasing a pint/quart of paint to test out a color before purchasing gallons of paint.

Maybe your floral arrangements are dusty and tired looking, maybe your wall could use a fresh coat of paint and maybe you should consider changing your paint color or maybe your the art on the walls is out of date. If you have some pieces of art that are timeless and very special. You might consider moving them to another room.

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